Arranging work, choosing an appropriate time to travel that meet the purpose, requirements are not simple. Many people who watch birds or study and learn about birds always wonder "When is the best time to watch birds in Yok Don National Park of the year?"

Yok Don National Park has more than 300 species of birds, which is an ideal number for those who are interested. To observe many species without spending a lot of time, please select the time of the dry season (from mid-February to the end of March). This is the most intense period of the dry season. Trees must be deciduous to cope with the dry weather of the Central Highlands. Due to deciduous trees, birdwatching and taking photo are very clear and easy. If you want to watch birds, you have to get up early to prepare and ready at 5:30 am. "The best watching time of the day" is about 3 hours (5h30-8h30).

With this article, I hopefully will meet your concerns. Wishing you a visit to Yok Don National Park to achieve the expected results./.