Explore the wonderful natural beauty of Yok Don National Park and learn about the mysteries of the precious flora and fauna which call this unique ecosystem home. Customized trips will see you relaxing in waterfalls and swimming in streams, while a guide can point out medicinal plants and decipher the various bird choruses reverberating through the forest.

Camping through immense grassland and under the open canopy of dry deciduous dipterocarp forests

Try the medicinal herbs used by local people


Learn about a type of tree that helps quench your thirst if you unfortunately get lost in the forests

A good vantage point of Buddha cascade

Overnight tour:    1.200.000 VND (US $55) for 2 visitors including hammock or tent and English-speaking guide

                                    400.000 VND (US $20) per additional visitor

For longer trips please contact our Tourism Department