Enjoy a day exploring the forest in search of the three elephants who now freely roam the national park. The Yok Don elephants, used to give rides to tourists, but now their welfare comes first – let them show you how elephants really behave in their own environment.

Y Khun seems to be very happy with her bunch of bamboo leaves


Your guide will tell you about each individual elephants’ personality, their background and why they are living in Yok Don. The ethnic minorities in this area have a long history of training and working with elephants and your guide can share these stories too.

Thong Ngan is on his way to bamboo bushes. He looks serious!


During the trek, your guide will share their knowledge of the national park, pointing out the many species of plants and wildlife inhabiting this forest, and showing you the plants used in traditional medicine by some of the local ethnic minority people.

Hien, the tour guide, introduces a type of herb that helps people to survive in the forest. It is a source of water for people who unfortunately get lost in the wild.


You may even encounter signs of the rare wild elephant community within the park, such as their footprints, foraging signs or dung.

(Elephant) footprints in the muddy area!


The ½ day Elephant Experience, takes around 2 – 2.5 hrs and costs 800,000 VND (US$35) per person. 600,000 VND (US$25) per additional visitor (maximum 5 visitors per group)


Timeline of elephant experience half-day tour